IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey
Fall enrollment is a measure of student access to higher education at traditional institutions. Data are collected for all students enrolled in credit-bearing courses/programs which could potentially lead to awards ranging from post-secondary certificates of less than 1 year to doctoral degrees.


IPEDS Data Feedback Report
The figures in this report provide selected indicators for Texas State and a comparison group of institutions. The figures are based on data collected during the IPEDS collection cycle. This report provides a list of pre-selected comparison group institutions and the criteria used for their selection. Additional information about these indicators and the pre-selected comparison group are provided in the Methodological Notes at the end of the report.


IPEDS Graduation Rates Survey
Graduation rate data provide information on institutional productivity and help institutions comply with reporting requirements of the Student Right-to-Know Act (1990) and the Higher Education Act, amended (2008). Graduation rates data are collected for full-time, first-time degree and certificate-seeking undergraduate students.