Student Consumer Information

The following reports are used to help fulfill disclosure and reporting requirements set forth by The Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended by the HEOA) regarding elements related to Student Consumer Information. For additional information and a full list of links and resources, please visit the Texas State University Consumer Information page.


Student Diversity
The Office of Institutional Research provides two reports on the diversity of the student body at Texas State. The Highlights-Student Demographics report provides a general overview of diversity at Texas State, while the Enrollment-Student Demographics report provides a more detailed look at student diversity by semester.

Retention Rate (Student Right-to-Know Act)
Our office provides information on the retention rate for recent first-time, full-time cohorts in the Facts and Highlights section of our website:

Graduation Rate (Student Right-to-Know Act)
Graduate rates for first-time, full-time student cohorts are available in multiple reports on our website. The Persistence and Graduation report allows for the rates to be broken down by gender, race/ethnicity, and types of financial aid awards (PELL, subsidized Stafford Loan, etc.)

Graduation Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Student Aid (Student-Athletes) is available from Texas State Athletics Compliance Department.

Job & Educational Placement
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) produces an annual report follows graduates, completers, and non-returners for an academic year to track employment and/or additional education placement through the Automated Student and Adult Learner Follow-Up System. Additional information on the system and the Exit Cohort Reports is available from THECB.

Additional information on job placement for Texas State graduates is available from Career Services.