Overview and FAQ

The office of Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research provides members of the University administration, as well as State and Federal officials, information including enrollment history, data for academic planning and assessment, information for state and federal reporting, and the results of various administrative surveys.

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the services provided by our office.

  • Research and Grant support is offered primarily through the Research Records and System Services office under the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

    Support for research from the Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research is currently limited to data and sources  made available on our website unless the research is directed at assisting with administrative decision making and strategic planning.

  • The Registrar's Office and the IT Reporting team are the primary suppliers for lists of students. Visit our Data Request Center to learn more. 


  • Support for student research projects and class assignments is limited to information that is published on the DAIR website.  If research for a project is deemed beneficial to the University, DAIR will sometimes assist faculty and staff with data extractions for a Thesis or Dissertation. In these instances, a written request from the student’s Dean or VP must be provided.

  • Primary Clientele: The Government, Board of Regents, System Office, President, Vice Presidents, Deans, and Chairs regularly obtain our customized services.

    Everyone has access to the reports and information on our website, except for a few items provided only to employees due to state and federal privacy laws.

    Other employees, students, businesses, and the local community are provided assistance with data on the Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research website, through previously published reports, and via the Texas State database as allowed by the Texas Public Information Act, FERPA, and other confidentiality laws. Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research (DAIR) serves as the official source of Texas State University data, providing reports to many state and federal government agencies. DAIR also responds to numerous external surveys from private businesses—these survey responses are used in various publications and college guide books.

  • Facts & Highlights -- A collection of data visualizations providing a general overview of student and employee information about the University.

    Self-Service Tools -- A collection of tools (including Tableau Data Visualizations and MS Excel Pivot Tables) that contain current and historical Texas State data on student enrollment and degrees awarded.

    Enrollment Highlights -- Produced in conjunction with the Office of Enrollment Management, this resource is a pocket sized booklet containing fall semester student data.

    Board of Regents Fact Sheet -- A report of student, employee, finance and facility data in graphical and tabular format that is prepared for each Board of Regents meeting.

    Common Data Set -- a collection of data about Texas State and its student that is used as a data source by several college guidebooks, in an effort to standardize information to allow comparison between institutions of higher education.

    Other Reports -- numerous studies and reports regarding student, courses, faculty, staff, finances, and facilities are prepared by IR on a regular basis. Some of these are available online, while others are available in print. See our Reports page for a complete listing of the standard reports.

  • A printed versions of the fact book is no longer available. We encourage you to explore the interactive, online tools that we have made available.

  • Workshops on how to use our online resources are provided each long semester via Professional Development workshops. We also provide a collection of pre-recorded webinars and other data literacy training resources on our website.  We also guest lecture in classes and visit with employee groups in individual departments and colleges upon request. Visit our Data Literacy and Training page to learn more. 

  • We provide reports on surveys on our Reports and Surveys page. We also manage the administrative survey calendar and survey policies; you can find more information on our University Surveys page. 

  • Customized requests are necessary when data or research is needed that is not available on the DAIR website or in a standard report. This form helps us keep track of your requests and respond in a timely and accurate manner.  When possible, please plan to allow us at least two weeks to complete your request.  If you request sensitive data about individuals, we will ask you to complete a confidentiality form, indicating you understand the importance of protecting individual privacy. Visit our Data Request Center to learn more.