Survey Design Resources


There are many resources in print and on the web to assist you with designing a survey instrument.  An excellent book to consult is Mail and Internet Surveys: The Tailored Design Method, by Don Dillman, for detailed instructions on developing a survey project from start to finish.  This reference is available in our Alkek Library.

Here are some online resources that you may want to consult for the latest tips and suggestions to help you develop a quality survey:

Software companies often post helpful information about survey design.  Here are some to consult for survey design tips:

  • Qualtrics (Links to Qualtrics University "Survey Basics" section).
  • Snap Surveys (Links to Snap Surveys blog; search for "survey design" in Posts by Categories search box).
  • Survey Monkey (Links to "Survey Tips" section of resource page)

Survey Design Workshops

Basic survey design and other survey-related topics are offered on an occasional basis through the Organizational Development & Communications program. See workshop listings for more information. 


Qualtrics survey software is available for use by Texas State faculty, staff and students.  Visit the Texas State Qualtrics information page for details, links to training and to log in or set up an account.